Unimi - Universal Modular Infrastructure

Spend 5 minutes and learn how you can save cost and simplify installations!

The Unimi-1BaseTM is a charging equipment neutral universal standard solution for installation of EV-charging stations to the ground. It is completely independent of charger technology.and pole manufacturer and it allows parking spaces and other designated areas to be built EV ready for future demand. The concept has been designed to simplify the installation of EV charging stations, to deliver both cost savings and environmental benefits during the lifetime of the EV charging infrastructure, and to ensure full flexibility in using preferred EV charging station provider. Unimi Solutions patented anchoring base, Unimi-1BaseTM, can reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO*) by up to 60%. Contact us for help on your project or click here to find out how we helped Ostfold County in Norway to acheive cost savings and fulfillment of EU-regulations!

Unimi offers added value through:

  • Simplified 1st installation and reduced installation cost
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Possibility to prepare for future charging poles already on 1st installation
  • Flexibility to easily change charging poles post-installation, i.e. reduce risk


  • A sustainable world where electric transportation and the supporting infrastructure play a dominant role


  • Develop and supply charging point infrastructure for electric vehicles that offer superior value to our customers by being cost effective, modular, and sustainable