Våra fundament

Unimi 1Base Fundament


The Unimi-1base is a robust, patented concrete foundation suitable for all electric vehicle charging stations, with an appropriate adapter attached to the top.

Unimi 1Base ECO Plastic

Unimi-1base ECO Plastic

The Unimi-1base ECO Plastic is based on the patented Unimi-1base charging pole foundation but is made from environmentally friendly and recycled plastic.

Unimi DC Fast charging base

Unimi-1base DC

The Unimi-1base DC is the foundation for larger charging stations within the fast charging segment.

Unimi-1BaseTM the foundation for EV chargers

  • Integrated

    Integrated protection bollards

  • Save

    Prepare and save time & cost

Unimi Solutions works with modular design to avoid repeated and costly ground work

16+Countries and Growing

15000+installations and growing

50+ Chargers model supported

Order through wholesale account

If you already have an account with Ahlsell, DEFA, Elektroskandia, Kraftpojkarna or Rexel group (Storel, Selga) you can order Unimi-1BaseTM foundations from your partner.

That’s not all

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