Universal design pedestal as charging post septembre-28-2023

Why choose Unimi’s charging stations?

The popularity of electric vehicles is steadily increasing and with it the need for reliable and stylish charging options. To meet this need, Unimi Solutions in collaboration with ONEPOLE® offers a universal design pedestal for charging stations.The pedestal is an elegant and affordable solution that fits all charging stations and can be easily updated to meet the specific charging needs of the site.

We will take a closer look at the Unimi Solutions charging station pedestal and explore how it can help reduce capital lock-in and increase flexibility for different charging needs.

Universal design

The Unimi Solutions charging station pedestal is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a versatile and reliable charging station. The pedestals fit all charging stations on the market and can be installed easily and safely in any public or private environment.Whether you need to charge your car in the housing association parking lot, at service facilities or at home, the Unimi Solutions pedestal is the best choice.

Made of high quality stainless steel, it is also really durable and resistant to different kinds of weather and climate. This charging box pedestal is an investment that both simplifies your life and helps you save the environment. The Unimi Solutions pedestal is indeed the ideal charging station for any electric car.

Possibility to increase the number of charging stations

The Unimi Solutions pedestal is a versatile solution for customers looking for a flexible charging point infrastructure. One of the main advantages is its smart design that allows for an easy update to accommodate more charging points.This gives customers the opportunity to increase capacity as the need for charging increases. It’s a cost-effective solution that avoids unnecessary capital lock-in and eliminates the risk of getting stuck with one charging box provider.

The Unimi Solutions pedestal provides the freedom to always add more charging boxes as needed without having to replace the entire unit. This saves time, money and provides a convenient user experience for customers.

Available options

The Unimi Solutions pedestal is not only flexible, but it also comes with a range of options that can be customized according to customer needs and preferences. Customers can choose to add cable holders, ceilings, junction boxes, light modules, DIN rails for lighting and much more. In addition, customers can choose between a simple and functional pedestal or an extraordinary pedestal, which is perfect for seamlessly integrating the surrounding landscape and architecture.

At Unimi Solutions, our top priority is to create solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations, and our options are one of many ways we strive to do so.

An affordable solution

The Unimi Solutions charging station pedestal is an excellent solution for customers looking for both cost efficiency and convenience. By using a single pedestal for multiple cars, customers can reduce both purchase and installation costs, without compromising on functionality. Installation of the pedestal is easy because it is customized to fit any foundation, which means customers can save even more – both on installation and maintenance.

This makes the Unimi Solutions pedestal an ideal solution for companies managing a whole fleet of electric cars, as well as for individuals who want to simplify the charging process at home.

Final Thoughts

Unimi’s universal design charging pole is the perfect solution for all your charging needs in the office or workplace. It has a sleek and modern look without sacrificing practicality, with customizable options to increase capacity. And with its universal design, you can be sure that everyone who visits your workplace can easily access to charge their device. Invest in one and ensure reliable access to power for your smartphone.

Contact us today to get started using Unimi’s universally designed pedestal as a convenient and sustainable solution for charging stations.

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